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Our Board of Trustees

And some quotes from them on Why They Choose to Support Countryside

Noelle Celeste 

Lisa Dietrich, Board Chair

James Grant

Barbara Greene, Vice Chair

Nick Katanic

Robert Kirschner

Susan Klein

Alida Moonen

Phillip Nabors 

Jeffrey Scott

Emily Thome 


Past Board Members

Mindy Barthalome

 Pam Carson: "Countryside’s vision of a thriving food system brings together farmers, processors and consumers in a cooperative eco-system. Developing a leading farmers market, preserving the farms, and crafting the Countryside mission of “Connecting Food, Land and People” aptly addresses that FOOD is everyone’s business, and Countryside rightly sees the CONNECTION of Food to social, economical and environmental issues locally and beyond. This an important defining political issue of the century - as much as workers wages and climate change. As Wendell Berry said :To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival." 

Ernie Estep, Board Chair 2017

Jeff Hienen

Casey Hoy

Jean Mc Kenzie

Charles Rankin

George Klein

 Douglas Katz: "The people, the programs, the beautiful land and the food production is such an important part of our community. Once we connect with the community and all of its resources, we learn how important it is to nurture and support it as much as we can. That is why I joined the board and why I continue to enjoy it so much."

Deborah Stinner,  Vice Chair: "I have had a passion for this project since Darwin Kelsey first introduced me to it in 2000 and am now in my second six year term on the Board. It is the combination of love of the land (the national park) with sustainable farming as the basis of a vital community of food entrepreneurs and consumers that attracts me so much."

 Greg Studen