Did You Know...


NASS-USDA     Whether it's broccoli or bacon, wine or beer, milk or orange juice, potato chips or hummus - our food comes from farmland! That's something we can all agree on.

Countryside works hard to connect farmers, food producers and consumers to each other.

But making the connection between losing farmland and the food we purchase is not always obvious to people.

Did you know that every time you shop at your farmers' market, pick up your CSA share or dine at local sourcing restaurants - you show your support for protecting Ohio's farmland?

Our work:

Our partnership with Cuyahoga Valley National Park to preserve farmland in CVNP has led to 11 working farms and hundreds of acres in preserved farmland right here in the park.

Our Farmers' Markets support over 70 farmers, food producers and artisans, and provide consumers access to healthy local food.

Our education programs connect farmers, vendors and consumers to the knowledge they need to grow their businesses and feed their families.

But as you can see from the statistics above, our work is not done! Please, stay connected to Countryside, stay connected to your farmers and chefs, and stay connected to where your food comes from!