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~ from Alicia, Countryside Public Market Site Manager ~


Countryside Public Market will be celebrating our one year anniversary this October and I, for one, can’t believe it’s already been that long! What they say is true, time really flies when you’re having fun. I’d like to take this time to give thanks to all of our customers who have been so supportive. As I’ve said before, it takes a village to build a market and we cannot do it without continued community support.

With so many farmers’ markets failing within the first year or shortly thereafter, continued support now more than ever is critical for the viability of the market. Making it to the one year anniversary is a significant milestone but what I believe is a true cause for celebration is the community support that got us here. Each week I meet new customers whom have never been to the market before and visit with others that rarely miss a market. It is a pleasure to speak with each of them as I get to learn more about what brings them in and why they choose to support the market. For some of our customers it’s because of the incentive programs like SNAP, Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition or WIC that enable them to buy more fresh fruits and vegetables than they would otherwise be able to. For others, it’s because they want to prioritize locally grown/made food or simply because they enjoy the social/community aspect of the market. Whatever their reasons, the outcome is the same. Every dollar spent at Countryside Public Market offers support and a future for the community and the market.

I’m filled with so much gratitude for each and every customer who walks through our doors whether it’s their first visit or their 40th. I’m thankful for everyone who has made the choice to make shopping at the market a habit. I’m thankful to everyone who has ever told a friend or shared a post. I’m thankful to those who had always meant to go and then finally did.

You are the reason we have the market and you are the reason that it will continue to be around. In all of the many ways that you do, thank you for supporting Countryside Public Market. Please join us on October 20th as we celebrate this past year with our wonderful community, our vendors and the many years of the market ahead.