Farmers' Market Blog - Countryside Public Market Berry Bash


Just the other day I was looking through my Pinterest feed for dinner ideas (who doesn’t LOVE Pinterest?!) and I came across a post that gave me the biggest craving for some berry pie! This was a thing of beauty! It had a crust like I’d never seen; it was so detailed in its delicate design and baked perfectly golden with just a hint of the berry filling bubbled up around the edge. It really got me excited to taste some pie during the berry pie/jam contest during the Berry Bash on July 14th, but more about that later!

Honestly, I’m more of a cake person than I am a pie person but maybe that’s because I just haven’t really had that many great pies before. It got me thinking about all of the endless possibilities that one can bake. As a novice pie eater, I’d love to know more about what everyone out there loves about their favorites! Do you like to keep it simple with just one type of fruit or mix it up with crazy combinations? Do you prefer a crumble, a traditional lattice top or the convertible style (that’s probably not the technical name for it) with no crust on top? Is your recipe handed down from generation to generation or different every time you make it?

And then there’s the topic of ingredients! This alone could be a debate that goes on until the cows come home! What kind of flour do you use for your crusts? Is it a pastry flour or do you like to experiment with spelt or whole wheat? What about butter vs. lard, chilled or room temp? Where do you get your fruit (hopefully from your friendly neighborhood farmers’ market… of course)? How do you keep a berry pie from becoming a goopy mess and oozing juice all over the place?

I have so many questions! Teach me your wise ways or just show me how you do it and put your money where your mouth is, or in this case, put your piewhere mymouth is! If you’ve got a favorite, from-scratch, recipe that you think can’t be beat then enter yourself in Countryside Public Market’s Berry Bash!

  • Please RSVP by July 9th if you'd like to participate. Email Alicia Hall at
  • Make a berry pie or berry jam at home using local berries.
  • All pies or jam must be turned in to the market by 10am on 7/14/19.
  • For contest guidelines, please visit our Facebook event page for more details!

Bake your berry best and I’ll see you at the market!

~Alicia Hall