Farmers' Market Blog • Growing a Market Together


~ from Alicia, Countryside Public Market Manager ~

We’ve all heard the expression that it takes a village to raise a child, well the same is true for farmers’ markets; they are our children. To build a successful market one does not do it alone; everyone in the community has a role. From the farmers, food entrepreneurs and artisans to the market managers, from the musicians to the children who dance to their lively music, from the first-time shopper to the devoted enthusiast who never misses a day. All of our roles are of so much importance to the health of that market. Through these relationships we provide strength, support to our local economy, friendship, viability, a joyful conversation, atmosphere, a smile, abundance, a source of food for a hungry family and more.

Each week I see the impact of the roles of our village. I’ve seen shoppers discover new and exciting foods, making their world just a little bit brighter. I’ve seen economic growth for small, local businesses. I’ve seen families nourished by food grown in our local soil. I’ve been blown away by the support and kindness of volunteers. With each of these actions, we shape the market into what we want it to be for our community.
In order for our farmers’ markets to flourish, we need to be the helping hands in the development of those markets. When people bring friends to the market who’ve never been before or share a post with their online circle, we grow. When someone tags the farmer, food producer or farmers market in an Instagram post celebrating the love of their dinner plate, we grow. With each pint of berries or handshake we exchange, we grow. Together as a village; this is how we grow.