Galettes: A Love Story in 2 Parts (Part 1 • Crust)


~ from erin, director of local food programs ~

Have you ever had or made a galette??

I am obsessed with them! In case you aren't familiar, they are a rustic-style tart from France. They are much simpler to prepare than a more formal tart or a pie, but with the same delicious components - crust and filling.
They are also extremely versatile. You can do them sweet or savory. They are yummy hot from the oven, but just as lovely the next day at room temp or chilled. (Perfect for a picnic!)

This first part of my galette love story focuses on the crust. This is the part that might intimidate some folks. But trust me! It's easy. And I am loving the new technique I learned the other day. It's a French technique called fraisage. I picked it up from this Dorie Greenspan blog post. Also new to me was rolling the dough BEFORE chilling it.
Ever curious, I gave the term a Google as well and found this great little piece from Food52. It's true! I definitely balked at smearing pieces of the dough - wouldn't that "overwork" it? Wouldn't my hand heat melt the butter?

But I trust in Dorie. And Julia Child. And, to be honest, the French.

I ended up with the flakiest, most delicious galette crust that I've made so far.

Here are the ingredients and instructions for the crust method. This is a great base for a sweet galette. For a savory galette, skip the sugar and add finely chopped herbs and/or onion or shallot.

In Part 2 of this love story - coming next week - I'll share more about fillings. If you can't wait until then to get your galette on, head over to Dorie's blog, check out this great list on Bon Appetit, or give galette a Google for an endless list of sweet or savory filling combos.

And if you need a reason to try your hand at a galette, we've got you covered!

We are hosting pie contests at all of the markets! And YES! Galettes are eligible! Winners will receive market tokens and the Sister Pie Cookbook. Click through to the Facebook events linked through each market for more details!

Highland Square • July 11th || Howe Meadow • July 13th || Public Market • July 14th

I hope you give galettes a go and that you enjoy as much as I do!!