Galettes: A Love Story in 2 Parts (Part 2 • Fillings)


~ from erin, director of local food programs ~

Hello Again!

I am sure that you have been anxiously awaiting more information so that you can proceed with baking your own galette. (In case you missed it though, here is the link to Part 1, where I gushed about my love of galettes and shared a new-to-me French crust method.)

One of the reasons that I love galettes is because the filling is so versatile - it can be as simple and complex as you want it to be. While I do love a artfully arranged dessert at times - the process of careful cutting, the meticulous assembly, and the final aesthetic all appeal to my love of order. But, because I'm often strapped for time and energy and hate running errands (in general, but specifically to pick up ingredients that I don't have on hand), I usually opt for a simpler preparation.

For both sweet and savory galettes, you can use whatever you have on hand - it's a great way to use up any produce that's starting to droop a little. Once the fruit is mixed with sugar and acid and the juices start coming out (this is called macerating, btw) or the veg cooked down, you can't tell that it was a teensy bit sad at the beginning. 

For a basic approach to a sweet filling, I used the same blog post from Dorie Greenspan as I used for the crust. 

If you're intrigued by a savory version, I like this recipe-less method from Food52. While you're there, stick "galette" into the search field and you'll find several other delicious options, for both sweet and savory.

And... just as a reminder, if you need a reason to try your hand at a galette, we've got you covered!

We are hosting pie contests at all of the markets! And YES! Galettes are eligible! Winners will receive market tokens and the Sister Pie Cookbook. Click through to the Facebook events linked through each market for more details!

Highland Square • July 11th || Howe Meadow • July 13th || Public Market • July 14th

Even if you aren't up to bake, feel free to stop by and try the entries! (You may just see a galette made by moi...)