Akron Coffee Roasters

A vendor with Countryside Farmers' Markets since 2015.

People: Albert J Macso and Timothy Hollister.

Products: Bags of freshly roasted whole-bean specialty coffee. Cups of individually prepared pour-over coffee (sometimes on ice).

History: Akron Coffee Roasters is an Akron, Ohio based small-batch roasting company. We roast single-origin coffee beans sourced from individual farms and mills through transparent relationships. Our roasts highlight the unique origin characteristics that the farmers work hard to create and preserve.

Sourcing: We source green (raw) coffee beans from a single specialty coffee importer whose offerings are a curated selection of unique coffees. The coffees are sourced from around the world under a “direct trade” model where our supplier works directly with individual farms and processing mills. This ensures the highest quality beans and above market prices for the farmers.

Processes: We roast coffee two days per week in small batches to keep it fresh. We roast to highlight the unique qualities of each of our different coffees.

Fun Facts: Coffee remains fresh for about 2 weeks, with peak flavors occurring 3-5 days after roasting. Each variety and roast is different, but this is a good rule of thumb. It won’t taste bad if brewed on the 15th day, it’ll just begin to lose some of the qualities we worked so hard to showcase.

Phone: 330.608.0581
Email: albert@akron.coffee
Website: http://akron.coffee