Fermentation Girl

A vendor with Countryside Farmers' Markets since 2015.

People: Michelle and Geoff Huffman.

Products: Pincha Ginger Ale, Snapdragon Kimchi, Old Reliable Sauerkraut, and Sear-chi Kimchi Hot Sauce.

Sourcing: We purchase all our organic/conventional produce through Premier One Produce or Sanson.

History: Fermentation Girl started with a problem, like most turns in life often do. Michelle, co-founder and my wife, struggled with achieving wellness as a young woman and into adulthood. Her journey to wellness took quite some time, and had many turns. One fortuitous turn led us down the path of researching and developing our ferments, which helped both of us to achieve balance in our digestion and clear her body of fungus. We experience the joy of fermentation (the measuring and packing, the patience of waiting, the unique flavors, and the health benefits.)

We just had to share.

So we started Fermentation Girl and became fermenters. But not just any fermenters. We use fresh, raw ingredients that we process ourselves. Each batch is fermented and packed by us by hand, using tools we designed and methods we developed. We make crafty-small batches, consistently flavored and designed to maximize the health potential of every jar. Our flavors are bold, and we don’t apologize for them.

Ferments (and the wellness these foods promote) are our passion. We love the art of it, and the process of making food rich in probiotics and many other health benefits. We don’t compromise on our ingredients. Our salt, from France, is dried in large vats and hand harvested, without any additives. Our ingredients are locally sourced and fresh when they arrive for processing. We add no preservatives to our ferments; they are nature-manufactured and nature-preserved. They are simple and potent.

We don’t compromise. Our customers are too important to us.

Fun Facts: Michelle started to make ginger ale because her son is allergic to corn-syrup.