Gaelic Imports

A vendor with Countryside Farmers' Market since 2010 .

People: Barbara Benkowski, Jim Henderson, Brenden Maye or Emily Beal 

Products: Sausage, sausage rolls, haggis, savory and dessert pastries. Gaelic Imports' Scottish, Irish and English savory pastries include breakfast pies, steak pies, pork pies, shepherd pies, pasties, bridies, and more. We make traditional Scottish, Irish and English dessert pastries and baked goods as well including Bakewell tarts, fern cakes, empire biscuits, raisin squares, pudding breads, soda bread, scones and more.

History: Gaelic Imports was started in 1950’s. We are the current owners continuing the tradition of Scots, Irish and English foods here in Cleveland.

Sourcing: Our flours and such come from the Minneapolis Flour Company in Cleveland and our meat comes from M&M Foods in Cleveland.

Methods: All items are made from traditional recipes from Scotland, Ireland and England. Several items that we now make are done in cooperation with old bakers from our home in Scotland. The machine we use to make the pie shells was actually made in Scotland. The one we use is over 50 years old and has produced over a million pie shells.

Fun Facts: My mom and dad were born in Scotland and I lived there for a year when I was young.