Great Lakes Baking Company

A vendor with Countryside Farmers' Market since 2004.

People: John & Fern McMillan

History: Opened in 1988, The Great Lakes Baking Company is a small artisan bakery located in the picturesque village of Hudson, Ohio. 

Products: The shop produces a variety of freshly baked breakfast treats, scones, pastries, muffins, homestyle cookies, cupcakes, brownie cakes, desserts, rolls, breads, energy bars, fruit bars, biscotti and Artisan pizza (on Saturday nights). Everything is made from scratch using traditional American and European recipes.

Methods: All products are baked on the premises from scratch. Depending on the recipe, either whole wheat flours or white enriched flours are typically used - never bleached or bromated flours. In recipes requiring a sweetener, Ohio honey or pure cane sugar is used - never high fructose corn syrup or any artificial sweetener, flavoring, or preservative. Fats are added sparingly, if at all. When needed, fresh creamery butter or olive oil is used - never shortening, lard, or hydrogenated fat. 

Sourcing: Every effort is made to source from local vendors Ohio companies and companies and producers in the Great Lakes region. Whenever possible, we select fruits, nuts, vegetables, cheeses, and herbs from the Great Lakes region.

Fun Facts: We're celebrating our "sweet sixteen" birthday this summer!