Greenfield Berry Farm

A vendor with Countryside Farmers' Market since 2007.

Farmland: 20 acres in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park

People: Daniel and Michele Greenfield

Products: Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, honey, a wide variety of veggies, garlic, sunflowers, jam, heirloom pie pumpkins

Certifications: Not certified but follow organic practices

Farm History: The Greenfield Berry Farm is a Countryside Initiative farm. Daniel and Michele joined the program 7 years ago with the start of their pick-your-own berry farm. The farm also supports a CSA program, which offers spring, summer, and fall shares. In addition, Daniel has a doctorate in education and offers educational tours/field trips for school and other groups.

Soil: A silty loam

Water Use: Drip-line irrigation

Weed Control: Manual and mechanical weeding; no herbicides

Pest Control: Remove damaging insects by hand; no pesticides

Fun Facts: The Greenfield Berry Farm is pleased to announce the 4th annual blueberry BBQ dinner prepared by Chef Doug Katz of fire food and drink on July 24.