Huffman Fruit Farm

A vendor with Countryside Farmers' Market since 2004.

Farmland: 92 acres of crop land; 47 tree fruit, 6 small fruit, 39 vegetables, rye and hay.

People: Owners - John and Emily Huffman. At the Farmers' Markets - sister-in-law, Barb Yoder and niece, Sara Yoder. Our daughter and son-in-law (Melody and Marcos), our son and daughter-in-law (David and Carrie), along with Emily's dad, sister and nephew work for us. Also, we have six loyal and very hardworking Hispanics, which includes our son-in-law and a number of neighbors and friends.

Products: Apples, peaches, plums, pears, nectarines, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cabbage, brussel sprouts, asparagus, rhubarb, spinach, radishes, lettuce, beans, zucchini, cucumbers, pickles, kohlrabi, pumpkins, squash, gourds, beets, onions...

Certifications/Memberships: Farm Bureau, FGMA, Greenstar. We are working with the Lake-to-River Food Co-op and Giant Eagle on Food Safety Regulations with using the OMPA requirements.

Farm History: John's parents, Eugene and Christine Huffman, bought the "Home Place" in 1953. John and Emily bought out John's parents in December, 1986. We have three grown children and two of them, plus their spouses, work for us on the farm. Our third child lives in the Wichita, KS area.

Soil: Our soils are mainly Wooster Clay Loam. We strive for minimal soil erosion through contour farming and crop rotation. We use conventional fertilizers when needed.

Water Use: We use drip irrigation from a well for some vegetables and from a pond for others. Most of our crops are grown without irrigation.

Weed Control: Mowing, cultivation and conventional herbicides.

Pest Control: Conventional materials with integrated pest management practices.

Fun Facts: We grow 31 varieties of apples and 29 varieties of peaches. In the summer and fall, we sell direct to the public out of our 1810 log barn - built just like a "Lincoln Log" construction set. We have 3 grandchildren (possible 5th generation apple growers) and a 4th grandchild to be born in June of 2016.