Infinite Garden Farm

A vendor with Countryside Farmers' Market since 2004.

Farmland: Our farm is located in Medina County in Litchfield Township. We own five acres and rent two acres. About two to three acres are in crop production.

People: Farmer and owner Larry Luschek with much help from sister Kathy as well as family and friends.

Products: We grow about 35 types of vegetables with about 200 varieties. We grow all of our transplants and all produce is organically grown. We strive to produce only the highest quality products for our customers. With our two hoop houses we have produce available from April through December. Our produce is grown with care and respect. Give thanks and enjoy.

Certifications: Infinite Garden Farm is certified organic (#193) by Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association since 1988.

Farm History: My wife Vicki and I purchased our farm in 1976 as bare land. We built our house and barn, planted trees, and raised two children who helped us on the farm over the years. We started Infinite Garden Farm in 1988 and sold produce to health food stores and a college co-op. We have been participating in this market since it began in 2004.

Soil: The soil is Mahoning silt loam and has very little slope. The fields are tiled to help with drainage. Soil test are taken to monitor nutrients. Cover crops, trace minerals, and soil inoculants are used to maintain fertility and healthy soil life to produce high nutrient crops.

Water Use: County water supply is used for drip and overhead irrigation and for washing produce.

Weed Control: Mechanical cultivation with tractor and by hand (hoe, hoe, hoe). Also used are organic mulches and some plastic mulch.

Pest Control: Healthy crops and natural predators keep most pests under control. Physical barriers and organic products are used if necessary.

Fun Facts: Every May the farmer tries to escape the farm for a day to check out the warblers at Magee Marsh.