Lauren's Artistic Epiphytes

A vendor with Countryside Farmers' Markets since 2015.

People: Steve and Lauren Yurick

Products: Beautiful natural epiphytes (Tillandsias) that are arranged with reindeer moss, mood moss, hand selected pine cones, acorns, river polished rocks, fairy garden figurines, sea shells, and minerals. These high quality and aesthetically pleasing items are placed in Bio-Orbs which are designed for maximum UV penetration and air flow to keep the plants healthy with minimal care. We carefully polish the glass and concern ourselves with quality and great service. We welcome phone calls or emails with questions/concerns after the sale.

History: Lauren Yurick is a 12 year old St Vincent De Paul Elementary Student. She is hard working, entrepreneurial, and has plenty of drive to run her own business. Lauren’s Artistic Epiphytes is a father/daughter endeavor that was conceived to teach Lauren business math, sales, communication, and other intangible skills that are gained from a 12 year old owning her own business.

Sourcing: Many of the decorative items are sourced locally. The minerals (amethyst/quartz/citrine points/polished petrified wood etc...) are sourced from Fantasia Mining in the Merriman Valley. The pine cones are hand selected right here in Akron. The Moss, rocks, and sand are all sourced locally. The Tillandsias are sourced from Central and South America as well as Southern California where they grow naturally. These unique plants are hand-picked for their aesthetics, hardiness, and ability to throw off pups (baby plants).

Fun Facts: Lauren was recognized at St Vincent as an entrepreneur by her Principal and Teachers. She was asked to give a demonstration speech in front of the entire school which resulted in quite a few sales from the school faculty. Lauren is proud of her products. We hope you enjoy them as much as Lauren enjoys creating them. Thanks!