Log Cabin Farm

vendor with Countryside Farmers' Market since 2012.

People: William and Elise Yoder and 7 children: Ida - Allen - Alma - Joseph - Orus, Andrew and Marianne.

Certifications: OEFFA Certified Organic

Products: Strawberries, vegetables, pasture raised eggs

Farm History: We are a 4th generation family farm in Wayne County, near Apple Creek. We have a total of 87 acres, with about 8 acres of vegetables. The rest is hay, grain and pastureland, with about 6 acres of woods.

Soil: Mostly clay-loam with some black muck.

Water Use: Drip irrigation.

Weed Control: Crop rotation, black plastic mulch, cultivation and hoeing.

Pest Control: We use some organically approved pesticides and essential oils.

Fun Facts: There is an original Log Cabin on the farm that was likely built in the early1800s, hence our name!