Martha's Farm

A vendor with Countryside Farmers' Market since 2014.

Farmland: 6 acres. One acre is dedicated to growing fruits and vegetables. Several of the other acres are dedicated to our turkeys, chickens, free-range hens, rabbits and pork.

People: Martha and her husband Pete Gaffney and their two children.

Products: Chicken, turkey, pork, rabbit and a variety of vegetables.

Certifications: None, but we use natural practices and pasture-based animal husbandry.

Farm History: Martha is an Ecuadorian native who grew up learning first-hand organic farming. She inherited from past generations traditional Inca agricultural methods and trading practices. This way of life has persisted in the villages of the Andes even to this day where the farmer’s market feed and supports the local community. )Now years later as a farmer in Ohio, Martha brings the same techniques and values to market so you can enjoy safe and healthy produce, grass-fed meat and free-range poultry. This means you can trust her goods to be grown without chemical of any kind. We are a synthesis of old and new. The old time tested traditional ways I learned in my country of Ecuador with some modern technology and understanding of integrated holistic thinking.

Animal Husbandry Practices: All animals at Martha’s Farm enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and the feel of the earth beneath their feet. Our turkeys, chickens, free range hens, and pork are fed exclusively on pasture based and custom blended locally grown grains (no GMO), as well as our pasture based rabbits.
Fun Fact: We are a bi-national family of four. My husband, Pete, has traveled the globe as a free-lance photographer. His interest in indigenous peoples and their way of life inspired his photo-explorations. On a journey through Quito, Ecuador, our chance meeting led to a marriage, two children, and a new life in the United States.