MorningSide Farms

A vendor with Countryside Farmers' Market since 2010.

Farmland: Our produce grows on 6 acres that has never been used for modern industrial agriculture. Our soil is heavy and difficult to work but it offers our crops superior nutrition.

People: George and Scott Remington, Laura West and Liz Macek. MorningSide's helpers arrive from every walk of life to work with the earth and learn about growing safe, nutritious food.

Products: We grow about every vegetable crop that can be grown in our climate and in our high tunnels with the exception of corn. We also offer a weekly CSA.

Certifications: USDA Organic

Farm History: This is our 5th year in business serving our CSA, Farmers Markets and Restaurants.

Soil: Our soil is heavy and hard to work, but extremely fertile. We utilize biologically based organic methods. We feed and care for our soil which partners with our crops to make them strong, resilient, nutritious and flavorful.

Water Use: We irrigate with water from our irrigation ponds when there is no threat of freeze. Otherwise, well water.

Weed Control: Tillage, Flame Weeding, Plastic and wood chip mulch, and a lot of hand weeding.

Pest Control: Crop rotation, Floating Row Cover, Good plant nutrition. Generally, our crops are healthy enough to resist pests. When they are not, and pest pressure is great on a high value crop, we use organically approved methods.

Fun Facts: Each summer we hire at least a dozen high school and college students and send them home with the knowledge of how to grow food for their future families.