Mud Run Farm

A vendor with Countryside Farmers' Markets since 2006.

People: Alex Dragovich, owner. Alexis Dragovich, helper and daughter.

Products: Beets, carrots, cucumbers, collards, eggs—free range, sweet corn, flour, cereal, garlic, herb, lettuce, rhubarb, raspberries.

Farmland Details and History: Our farm is located in Stark County on 30 acres of rolling Ohio countryside. Our soil primarily consists of Canfield and Randolph clay. Five acres is used for vegetables, and the rest is in small grains, hay and field corn for animals.

Alex and his wife, Kathy, bought the farm in 1981, during the back to the land movement of that time. Most of their family and friends thought they were crazy, but they wanted to raise their children in the country. Since then they have experimented with different types of fruits and vegetables and even milking cows.

Water Use: Well water.

Weed Control: Mechanical cultivation with horses, hand weeding and plastic.

Fun Facts: 90% of our farming is done with horses—1 Belgian, named Tiny, and 3 Percherons, named Hank, May and Tom.

Mud Run Farm has held the OEFFA organic certification longer than anyone in Stark County.