Noon Sharpening

A vendor with Countryside Farmers' Market since 2008.

People: Kevin Noon

Service: Knife Sharpening

Certification: Charter Member of the Cleveland Knife Sharpening Guild

History: Prior to sharpening at FMs, I was in construction and travelled across the country.  When the economy slowed (a lot!), my wife suggested I fall back on my sharpening skills.  I started out small using the bench stones as I had been trained.  Quickly it was obvious I needed a more efficient method in order to keep my growing numbers of customers satisfied.  My wife suggested using a treadle machine as power for a set of wheels.  It works and that is the machine I am using at all the FMs.

Method: I was taught to sharpen by my Father before I started school. Since then, I have honed my skills to produce the finest edges on knives and other tools with a variety of methods but prefer to use the repurposed 1923 Singer treadle sewing machine that you see at the market. This technique allows me to produce a great edge in the time it takes my customers to visit the other vendors at the Market.

Fun Fact: At many of the FMs I attend, dogs visiting the market know I keep biscuits in one of the drawers of my machine and drag their owners over to see me.