Red Run Buffalo Farm

A vendor with Countryside Farmers' Market since 2007.

Farmland: 300 acres in Wayne County, Oh

People: Steve and Sylvia Slifko, Owners. Chuck Eicher, Farm Manager.

Products: All cuts of buffalo meat-- all cuts, skins; horns; head mounts.

Certifications: FDA inspected

Farm History: Started in 1999 with 22 head and now have 250. All grass fed.

Animal Husbandry Practices: Grass fed on rolling green acres. Babies not weened until  they are six months old.

Processing: Processed in Orville, OH in a USDA approved processing plant.

Fun Facts: Buffalo heart and wind pipe are twice the size of a cow. Because of this, they can run 35 miles per hour for 8 hours. They don't moo like a cow-- but they snort. Usually, males weigh about a ton. Buffalo can jump a 6 foot high fence from a short distance. They have never detected cancer in buffalo. Cardiologists allow patients with heart problems to eat this healthy lean red meat every day.