Schmidt Family Farms

vendor with Countryside Farmers' Market since 2004.

Farmland: We are a small farm surrounded by increasing development and committed to being an island of light in this community. The farm is 50 acres with pasture, trees, a large hoop house and 1.5 acres of vegetable gardens. Schmidt Family Farms is cultivating and collaborating with new business entities including Pasture Hill Farm and Happy Farm of Asian Services in Action (ASIA), Inc. to sustainably increase our range of products and afford like-minded people the opportunity to live their dreams.

People: Susan Schmidt, Liz Schmidt, Samantha Werstley, Sean Toth, and all the wonderful folks of ASIA, Inc.

Products: Local Honey and Honey Jams, Certified Organic vegetables, duck and chicken eggs, broiler chickens, turkeys, roasting ducks.

Certifications: Certified Organic by OEFFA.

Farm History: Schmidt Family Farms began as a project inside the Team Management and Leadership Program of Landmark Education. Already a seasoned beekeeper, and looking for a was to work from home following the death of her husband, Susan created the farm as her class project. Committed to organic certification and premium quality from the beginning, Schmidt Family Farms became a vender in the Countryside Conservancy Market's first season. 

Soil: Clay/Sandy Loam.

Water Use: Drip line.

Weed Control: Mulch, Hand Cultivation.

Pest Control: Healthy Soil, Physical Barriers, Companion Planting.

Fun Facts: One of the favorite activities of Liz and her friends was to make "nail polish" out of poke berries and paint the chickens toenails purple.