Simon Certified Organic Family Farm

A Countryside Farmers' Market participant since 2012.

Products: Herd shares (bovine and ovine). Certified Organic Grassfed and Pastured Meat (Beef, Meadow Veal, Chicken, stew hens, Turkey, Heritage Pork). CSA with 134 different( fruit, flower, vegetables, plants) with fresh herb garden. Annual Plant Sale (Mother's Day) Community seed purchasing program (January) Pet food products. 

Certification: Certified Organic since 2007 OEFFA present certifier.

History: Our farm has been certified organic for over 7 years. We have integrated biodynamic principals with the USDA certified organic marketing efforts to produce the most earth-enriching and nutrient-dense food products for humans and animals. 

Soil: Our soils have been enriched with amendments and preps since we purchased the farm in October of 2006. Our production practices have produced healthy growing soils to nourish plants and animals.

Fun Facts: Our farm is also a refuge of hope from several facets. Animals in service on our farm are treated with Love, Dignity and Respect as they live their purposeful lives. For our world community and ourselves, we raise seeds for seed catalog companies following the certified organic protocols to ensure seeds are clean of GMO traits. Our farm also offers a place where families can come to learn and celebrate the harmony of nature and man's service to be fruitful and multiply. Finally, the farm is a spiritual refuge allowing individuals to do meaningful work and worship on living fruitful ground.