Tea Hills Farm

A vendor with Countryside Farmers' Market since 2010.

Farmland: 420 acres of certified organic pastures, cropland, wooded areas, and wetland preserves.

People: We are a family farm working together to care for our animals and keep the farm running smoothly. Jason and Cara Tipton currently manage meat production and sales. A family friend and neighbor, Mariah, represents the farm at the Countryside Farmers' Markets.

Products: Pasture Raised Chicken, Duck, Turkey, and Heritage Pork. Fresh eggs from pasture raised hens. Gourmet Chicken Patties and Pork Sausages.

Certifications: Certified Organic Pastures and Crops

Farm History: We are the 5th, 6th and 7th generations of our family caring for this beautiful land. Our family purchased the oldest part of our farm in 1850 with Gold Rush money and added land in 1950 after serving in the Korean War. We are proud to have been chemical free since 1993 and certified organic since 2000.

Animal Husbandry Practices: All animals raised on our farm are allowed to mature slowly enjoying a life grazing our lush organic pastures, drinking fresh spring water, and breathing clean air. Animals are fed organic, or non gmo feed, and are never given antibiotics or any type of growth stimulant.

Pork- Pork with Flavor! All hogs are bred and raised on our farm. We have spent years crossing heritage breeds to develop pork with a succulent tender flavor.

Poultry- We receive chicks at one day old from a local closed flock hatchery. We raise both traditional and heritage breeds. At three weeks of age the chickens and ducks are moved from our nurseries to pastures where they get the pleasure of picking through clover and chasing bugs. Turkeys are moved outside at 6 to 8 weeks where they get to explore wooded areas and pastures simulating their natural

When our chicken is not available or our own supply is low we purchase chicken from local farms to use in our gourmet chicken patties. This chicken is always local, antibiotic free, and free range in barns or pastures.

Processing: All meat is slaughtered off site in state inspected family owned processing facilities. All meat is then brought back to our farm and further processed in our state inspected processing facility. We inspect, cut and package all meat. We grind and hand form our gourmet chicken patties and pork sausages, adding local produce and organic seasonings. Having an on site processing facility give us complete control over the products that we produce and sell. We use all local ingredients when seasonally available and hand blend organic seasoning to create unique and flavorful sausages and chicken patties. No preservatives, MSGs, or chemicals ever!

Fun Facts: Native Americans referred to the area where our farm is located as the “Tea Hills” because tea-making herbs such as Ginseng, Pennyroyal and Goldenseal thrived in its Shale outcroppings.

Cara’s Great Grandfather holds the Ashland county record for cradling (hand sickling) 10 acres of wheat in one day.