The Natural Body

A vendor with Countryside Farmers' Markets since 2015.

People: Sarah Anne Banzhof.

Products: Sugar & salt scrubs, body butters, salves, balms, face care (foaming face cleanser, day face moisturizer, anti-aging salve, face scrubs), lip balm, cloth diaper safe diaper cream, lotion bars, yoga mat cleansing spray, bug repellant, other products to come soon!

Sourcing: Bulk Apothecary, Rose Mountain Herbs, home garden for dried flowers, herbs

History: I’ve been making products since 2012, and made some sugar scrubs for favors for a baby shower that year. Multiple people suggested that I start selling scrubs and the business grew from there. Becoming pregnant with my first child that same year also propelled me into really researching what I was putting on my own largest organ (my skin) and therefore into my bloodstream (and reaching my little one). I love knowing that each product I make is as natural as possible and is free of parabens and chemicals. Now, each time I run out of a store bought product that I use at home, I start the long process of constructing a recipe from scratch; researching the raw, necessary ingredients and then coming up with the right scent, consistency and potency to use in the testing phase. After testing, the product is ready for market! I absolutely love this process and am so happy and grateful to those who encouraged me to continue to increase my small business!

Fun Facts: The process of when I first think of an idea for a product and that product being available for purchase at market usually takes an average of 6-9 months! My favorite music is anything from the 60s/70s era… I am a total hippie at heart. :-) I’ve seen Elton John in concert over 10 times.